About Us

Improving Indigenous infrastructure outcomes.

Our Mission

To provide the skills and processes necessary to ensure First Nation communities and Indigenous organizations can efficiently and effectively plan, procure, own and manage infrastructure assets on their lands.

The First Nations Infrastructure Institute (FNII) will be an opt-in organization following the lead of its predecessors

FNII will be established through amendments to the First Nations Fiscal Management Act (FMA). The organization builds on the success of its sister institutions the First Nations Financial Management Board, the First Nations Finance Authority and the First Nations Tax Commission who provide services and expertise to over 300 First Nations across Canada.

Our Approach

  • Indigenous led. An Indigenous-led organization that works to deliver Indigenous owned and controlled infrastructure
  • Infrastructure focused. An organization focused on assisting First Nations with planning, delivering and managing their infrastructure.
  • Legislation backed. Establishing FNII through legislation will create alignment with First Nations Management Act (FMA) public finance tools.
  • Standardized best practices. Utilizing national and international best practice to manage risks through robust planning, procurement and management
  • Centre of excellence. A national centre of excellence for infrastructure that will work with, and transfer knowledge to, First Nations and Indigenous organizations

Why a First Nations Infrastructure Institute?

High-quality public infrastructure is critical to the health and sustainability of all communities, including Indigenous communities.

Unfortunately, Indigenous infrastructure outcomes are very poor under the current approach. The literature, studies and media reports demonstrate that Indigenous infrastructure assets take longer to develop, cost more, and have shorter operational lifecycles than comparable infrastructure developed by other governments.

FNII is an Indigenous-led initiative that will support improved Indigenous infrastructure outcomes. Infrastructure projects that meet FNII standards will send a message to members, lenders, funders and partners that due diligence on the project meets best practices.

Wondering if your project is shovel-ready?