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FNII Helps Lead the Way to Greater First Nations Autonomy

February 20, 2024
FNII booth at Leading the Way, staffed by contractor Stephanie Slater

FNII booth at Leading the Way, staffed by contractor Stephanie Slater

More than 350 people from First Nations across the country met in Gatineau, Quebec last November for the sixth annual First Nations Leading the Way conference. The First Nations Infrastructure Institute (FNII) joined its institutional colleagues to highlight the achievements of Nations using First Nation-led agreements and legislation.

Registrants at the conference came from First Nations that are using tools of the First Nations Fiscal Management Act (FMA), have developed a land code using the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management, and/or have submitted an expression of interest in the 10-Year Grant program.

The goal of the annual gathering is to showcase First Nations at the forefront of expanding their jurisdiction. Delegates heard stories about greater fiscal independence, improved financial management, debenture financing, sound land governance, and infrastructure planning with a First Nations approach.

The conference was the first one that FNII participated in since becoming officially established under the FMA. The milestone took place June 20, 2023 following Royal Assent of amendments to the Act.

Organizations that want to explore how FNII might work with them are invited to book an introductory workshop – in person or online – by emailing  

Services are free and First Nations do not need to be “scheduled” – that is, formally participating in the First Nations Fiscal Management Act. FNII’s services are available to any Indigenous organization in Canada