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FNII’s Podcast Channel – New Technology Amplifies Indigenous Storytelling

April 5, 2023

Did you know that almost 40 per cent of Canadians have listened to a podcast in the last month? Podcasts are digital audio content distributed over the Internet using a podcast hosting service. They are a hugely popular method of sharing stories because listeners can tune in whenever it’s convenient to them.

Podcasts are particularly well-suited to the Indigenous tradition of oral storytelling. The First Nations Infrastructure Institute (FNII) is capitalizing on that alignment by offering its own podcast channel with the help of freelance podcaster Richard Perry. Richard lives in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, however last year he set up a podcast booth at the Leading the Way conference in Winnipeg and interviewed some of FNII’s directors, staff members, clients, and others who have an interest in First Nations infrastructure.

Hear how David Kobliski, Executive Director of the Nelson House Development Corporation, believes the kind of infrastructure projects that netted this small northern Manitoba Nation the national Economic Developer of the Year award are within reach of other Nations.

Keith Matthew, of the Simpcw First Nations in B.C., shares stories about the value of good infrastructure in creating wealth and opportunity in First Nation communities, saying “We need to see that [infrastructure] services are key performance indicators around quality of life for us as First Nations people.”

For an example of the role good infrastructure can play in supporting Indigenous-oriented learning, consider the “Fab Lab,” a laboratory created by the First Peoples Innovation Center in Quebec where youth learn fabrication techniques working with sophisticated equipment such as laser cutters, 3D printers, and CNCs (computer numerical control). Centre founder Celine Auclair tells Richard how the facility “picks up” so-called “dropout” students by adapting to their way of learning.

For these and other interviews, check out the FNII podcast channel wherever you download podcasts. The interview links are also available from the FNII website.

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Have microphone, will travel – Podcaster Richard Perry conducts interviews in person or online for the new FNII podcast series.