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Resources For Building Better FN Infrastructure

March 20, 2023

The First Nations Infrastructure Institute (FNII) may not be formally established through legislation yet – but that doesn’t mean it’s not offering services! FNII offers a suite of free tools and templates to help First Nations at any stage of their infrastructure projects.

Resources include a business case template, a project charter drafting tool, a guide to procurement models, and a cost-sharing explainer tool.

There’s a series of five webinars where FNII Development Board members, technical team members, and other guests discuss a variety of infrastructure project types such as water and wastewater treatment, multi-purpose buildings, and economic development and leased land construction.

There are also resources that explain the institute itself – including its mission, approach and planned processes. Introductory materials include a PowerPoint presentation, a frequently asked questions (FAQ) document, and several videos.

The resources are offered from the resources page of the FNII website. They are also collated in a new fact sheet (PDF) for convenient sharing.

Members of the FNII team are always available to explore how the institute can support your First Nation or organization’s infrastructure goals. Book a workshop – which can be delivered either in person or via Zoom – by emailing

Note that all of FNII’s services are free and optional and First Nations do not have to be scheduled (that is, formally participating in the First Nations Financial Management Act) to access them.