Once established, FNII will be open to working with First Nations and First Nation Organizations that request support on infrastructure projects. During its development phase, FNII is working on Proof of Concept projects.

This section of the website will continually be updated with the latest information on these Projects.


The Proof of Concept Projects will be actual infrastructure projects delivered in actual First Nation communities.

FNII understands the importance of ensuring that its processes are fit for purpose, and delivery of actual projects through the FNII development phase will result in an infrastructure institute that:

  • Is based on, and cognisant of, unique First Nations needs and perspectives
  • Is trusted by First Nations, with tangible deliverables and results
  • Has market tested processes and templates
  • Encourages appropriate involvement of private sector expertise on all levels of infrastructure projects

Please download the “What is a Proof of Concept?” summary deck here.


Advancement of Proof of Concept Projects will:

  • Deliver tangible social and economic benefits to First Nations: The infrastructure gap in First Nations is growing, and the process will deliver actual infrastructure in communities that need it.
  • Build on the existing momentum and confidence in FNII: FNII has built momentum through outreach and engagement over the past three years. Delivering actual projects will build on this.
  • Allow for the development of market tested processes: FNII has taken lessons learned from non-indigenous infrastructure institutions. Proof of Concept Projects will ensure that processes, procedures and documentation developed for FNII are robust and deliverable.
  • Ensure that the legislative amendments developed for FNII are fit for purpose


Follow along with the development of the Proof of Concept Projects here.

FNII supports a transparent process, and wants everyone to follow along with the development of FNII and the Proof of Concept Projects. This section of the website will be updated as they progress, including:

  • Information and progress updates on the projects
  • Access to templates and documents as they are developed
  • Access to relevant publications and resources that are identified or developed
  • Information on training and capacity building sessions that will be held across the country