About First Nations Infrastructure Institute


  • To provide the skills and processes necessary to ensure First Nations efficiently and effectively plan, procure, own, and manage infrastructure assets on their lands.

Strategic approach

  • First Nations led. FNII will be a First Nation led organization that works to deliver First Nation owned and controlled infrastructure
  • Infrastructure focused. An organization focused solely on planning, delivering and managing infrastructure for First Nations.
  • Legislation backed. Amendments to the First Nations Fiscal Management Act will establish FNII to ensure its interoperability with other First Nation led institutions established by the Act.
  • Standardized best practices. Utilizing national and international best practice to manage risks through robust planning, procurement and management.
  • Centre of excellence. A centre of excellence for First Nations infrastructure that will work with, and transfer knowledge to, First Nations.

Building on FMA Success

Working together

  • FNII will work together with First Nations and First Nation organizations
  • FNII will integrate into, or help form, cohesive and collaborative project teams with members of the First Nation/s and external advisors
  • Working together ensures local needs and knowledge are integrated into projects, maximises knowledge transfer, and builds local capacity
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